Who is eligible for the study?

Who is eligible for the study? Image

To take part in Mackenzie’s Mission, you need to be invited by a participating healthcare provider.

As Mackenzie’s Mission is a research study, we are recruiting participants in targeted regions to capture a sample of couples that reflects the Australian population. Healthcare providers including GPs, obstetricians, midwives, genetics health professionals and fertility specialists at selected sites across Australia are inviting people to take part in the study. Unfortunately, there is not an opportunity for people to take part by contacting the study team and registering themselves.

People planning a pregnancy, or in early pregnancy (less than 10 weeks pregnant), may be asked by a participating healthcare provider whether they wish to be involved in this study. The healthcare provider will give them further information about reproductive genetic carrier screening, and the study – including the risks, benefits and possible outcomes of taking part, and details about how to enrol.

To be eligible for Mackenzie’s Mission:

  • You and your partner must be aged 18 years or over
  • If you or your partner are pregnant, you need to enrol in the study before 10 weeks of pregnancy
  • You and your partner must be available to consent to genetic carrier screening and provide mouth swab samples (for those who choose to have screening)
  • If an egg, sperm or embryo donor is involved, the donor(s) must be willing to undergo genetic carrier screening

For people interested in genetic carrier screening who haven’t been invited to take part by a participating healthcare provider, or who are not eligible for the study, information about other available options can be found here.