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Welcome to Mackenzie’s Mission

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Mackenzie’s Mission is a research study that offers reproductive genetic carrier screening to people before pregnancy or early in pregnancy, to find out if they have an increased chance of having a child with a serious genetic condition.

Healthcare providers in selected locations, including GPs, obstetricians, midwives, genetics health professionals and fertility specialists, are inviting people to take part in the study. People who have been invited to take part by a participating healthcare provider can enrol in the study through our online study portal.

We welcome participation from people who want to have screening, people who don’t want screening, and those who are unsure. This will help us understand why people do or don’t choose to have screening.

Taking part is simple.

We ask both members of the couple to:

  • Provide some information about themselves
  • Watch two short videos about genetic carrier screening
  • Decide whether or not to have screening
  • Complete at least one research survey

Genetic carrier screening as part of this study is free, simple and safe. For those who choose to have screening, both biological parents will need to provide mouth swab samples which can be returned by mail. All the information you provide to us is confidential and will be stored securely and safely.

We greatly appreciate your time in considering whether to take part in this research. Your participation will help to provide the evidence for if, and how, reproductive genetic carrier screening should be offered more routinely across Australia for those who choose to have it.

Watch this short video to learn more about Mackenzie’s Mission.

You can read the text instead of watching the video by clicking the ‘Read video transcript’ link below the video.

Read video transcript (PDF, 265 KB)

From Victoria?

Please be aware that due to the current COVID-19 situation in Victoria, only non-pregnant couples can enrol in the study at this time. If you or your partner are pregnant, screening cannot be performed as we are unable to guarantee the timeframe for performing testing and issuing results. To read the full statement regarding our COVID-19 response, click here.

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